Meet Jenna

Jenna Kearns

Jenna Kearns

Ward 1 Candidate

Jenna was born and raised in Bloomington. She went to District 87 schools (Irving, BJHS, BHS) and lived in a few different places around the south and west sides of town. She spent many summers swimming at O’Neil pool or finding enough change around the house to buy Laffy Taffy at Carl’s Ice Cream. Jenna’s family were renters but, fortunately, never experienced housing instability. It is important to Jenna that everyone has the opportunity to experience housing stability because housing is a major social determinant of someone’s health.

Jenna went on to study History at Truman State University and, later, St. Louis University School of Law. Housing remained at the center of Jenna’s focus, working for legal aid defending homeowners against foreclosure in the aftermath of the housing market bubble burst. She’s worked at local non-profit Mid Central Community Action helping people improve their financial stability. Currently, Jenna works for the Illinois Bar Foundation managing a program that enhances access to justice for the growing number of unrepresented people in the courts by empowering and training volunteers to help people without lawyers navigate the court system.

Her education and career achievements have been centered around her passion for helping others. Her commitment to public service can be seen through her work with nonprofit organizations. Her desire to help her community can be measured by this step she’s taken to be involved in city council. She is determined to be responsive and accountable to the needs of her neighbors.