Key Issues

Investing in Affordable Housing

We must support initiatives that increase affordable housing options to address the housing shortage. People should have options for safe and decent housing that allows them to spend no more than 30% of their income. We have to be persistent and creative in our approach to attract these types of developments.

Supporting Vibrant Neigborhoods & Stopping Sprawl

Sprawl is unsustainable and it’s been proven that Bloomington has lost money on investing in sprawl projects instead of smart, infill investment. Those are the projects we should be promoting and supporting. Being intentional about investing in our downtown and city core is crucial to our community’s long-term sustainability.

Prioritizing Infrastructure Projects

Strong infrastructure is what will ensure Bloomington is functional and accessible. We have to get the basics right, like roads, sidewalks, and sewers. We must be adamant to focus on projects that prioritize reinvesting and addressing issues within our current city footprint.

Ensuring Financial Security & Economic Viability

Bloomington is well-positioned to continue to be an attractive and innovative place for entrepreneurs to start or bring their businesses. We have to work to cut down on the bureaucracy to make it easier to do business in this community. It also is imperative to encourage open communication with the existing large employers and economic stakeholders in the community to provide support and encourage development.